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"All in all I'm very happy"

​Since starting my treatment I have becmome more in touch with my body and aware of the sources of my back pain and what I can do to ease it.


I have better posture, and stability - all in all I'm very happy! 



"What attracted me to Dr Pim is her experience in treating horse riders."

Since I began my care I am more level in the saddle and I can now identify where I am tight in the muscles. I feel straighter and Dr Pim has also given me exercises to help release the tightness. 

"Helps me cope with the week"

The time I spend in the clinic on a weekly basis helps me cope with the whole of the week.


"My weekly appointment with Dr Pim is probably the highlight of my week!"

My weekly appointment with Dr Pim is probably the highlight of my week!  Dr. Pim has been nothing short of amazing to me, especially in managing my "extreme" lifestyle (a lot of rowing, and a lot of sitting in bad postures the rest of the time), I wouldn't be able to get by without their care, no joke! I would highly recommend to anyone who remotely cares for their health and well being. 



"I have definitely experienced the benefits " 

I had been suffering from poor posture, bad headaches (a heavy feeling in my head), strains and aches in my back. Upon getting an appointment in the clinic, Dr Pim undertook a meticulous assessment of my condition and accurately pointed out sources my problems. I commenced treatment immediately. 

At the start of every treatment, Dr Pim would  first ask about my general well-being and then enquire if there were any particular areas that required extra attention. She would then carefully examine each area that caused my health problems and provide the necessary adjustment. Over the past few months, I have noticed a significant improvement in my posture and general well-being. I am also more conscious of my habits and am quick to correct myself when I notice that what I am doing is not good for me, e.g. sitting in one place for too long or bending my neck down for too long.

I have definitely experienced the benefits of chiropractic care towards improving my health and improving the quality of my well-being. I would certainly encourage people to seriously consider and try out chiropractic care-it is the first meaningful step that a person could take in the quest to improve your health and enhance the general wellbeing of one-self.


"Thankful for this place"

It is  such a good wholistic approach to my health. I came here for back pain but ended up getting very welcome advice on how to manage my illness.  Dr. Pim is so kind and easy to talk with (and very knowlegable). I would recommend this clinic to anyone! 


"Since starting treatment, I have seen a 100% improvement"

I first came to the clinic because of pain in my back. I was in so much pain, I struggled to move around and was on a lot of pain medication. Dr Pim was so thorough, she checked me from head to toe and even worked with my dentist, to have a splint made for me to wear at night. Since starting treatment, I have seen a 100% improvement.  The whole team are very friendly and professional, and I would recommend them to anyone because they improved my quality of life!



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